On Things

Hey guys, I would like to point out that I’ve been on Hiatus state for my deviantArt and on figure photography. Lately, I got so many things to do and I can’t update… Continue reading

Circle of Life

I would like to take this chance to get know more about you guys and to tell what my life has been until I decided to make this blog. You guys know me… Continue reading

Trance State

Is not actually a truly trance state when you go clubbing and stuff. It’s actually a trance state of mind when you doing something you love. Which for me, is taking photos of… Continue reading

A New Beginning

A New beginning ~ at the end of something. It’s been a while since I take my camera and have fun with my figures. Fortunately, recently I got the time to actually do… Continue reading

Mixing New Stuff

It’s been a while actually since I hold my DSLR again and shoot everything I have in my life. So, I decided to take my DSLR out of my camera bag, and took… Continue reading

Cheer On

Hello ~ and I’m back with more culinary photos ~! How are you guys been doing ? :D This first photo is my mom homemade Organic Soba with a homemade Sauce that I… Continue reading