Re:Birth Official Photo book

 Re:Birth is my official photo book and it has given me many challenges and new lessons while making it for you guys. It is something special to me as it’s my first official… Continue reading

On Things

Hey guys, I would like to point out that I’ve been on Hiatus state for my deviantArt and on figure photography. Lately, I got so many things to do and I can’t update… Continue reading

Circle of Life

I would like to take this chance to get know more about you guys and to tell what my life has been until I decided to make this blog. You guys know me… Continue reading

Trance State

Is not actually a truly trance state when you go clubbing and stuff. It’s actually a trance state of mind when you doing something you love. Which for me, is taking photos of… Continue reading

A New Beginning

A New beginning ~ at the end of something. It’s been a while since I take my camera and have fun with my figures. Fortunately, recently I got the time to actually do… Continue reading

Mixing New Stuff

It’s been a while actually since I hold my DSLR again and shoot everything I have in my life. So, I decided to take my DSLR out of my camera bag, and took… Continue reading