OneRepublic – If I Lose Myself

Lately, I haven’t been updating anything as I kept focusing making a new videos each weeks. For now, HERE it is ! My newest video, If I Lose Myself by OneRepublic. I realized it’s also been quiet a while since I uploaded a new video. There’s an explanation with that, my previous video has been taken down on Vimeo and YouTube as it have copyright infringement, a tight policy by it’s country. Therefore, I can’t show it to you guys, it’s a song from Arpeggio of Blue Steel. An awesome anime that I’ve watched over and over. I’ll try to share my previous video where you can watch on a Japanese site.

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Maps by Maroon 5

My latest video of Maps by Maroon 5 just passed 3,000 views ! Which I never would have expected to get this high in such a short time compared to my previous videos. Thank you so much for this ! For you, who haven’t watch it, here it is ! Give a like and share to your friends if you enjoy this video ! Donate to my channel through paypal, it’ll also help me out a LOT.

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Desk Journal #1

Hi everyone ~! Today, I would like to share an in-depth or behind the scene of what my workspace looks like. A place, where I produce mostly everything I put on my social networks. Some of you have been requesting and asking for it. I honestly don’t know where to start or should I really to, as I might get you bored by it. But I’m gonna try my best to show it to you ! So here it is !

First of all, I would like to show my laptop where I produce all of my Kinetic Typography videos. I actually just bought this one as my old one already too slow on rendering and taking a long time on most of task. When I got the chance to get a new one, I directly choose the highest specs there is. Which is, Macbook Pro Retina Display 15inch. This new laptop allow me to work much faster and much much more efficient on multitasking in the background. On the other hand, I could play some games that I couldn’t play on my old pc desktop~ Such as Hitman Absolution, BioShock Infinite, Metro Last light, and my most recent purchase Dreamfall Chapters. To be honest, I actually start trying to play Dota because of my friends and an awesome documentary by Valve, Free to Play. I totally recommend this documentary, it gave much background story on some awesome players and reasons they play. Do check it out ! They also provide it on YouTube:

20141129-_DSC0028 When I bought this laptop, I quickly get a case to protect it better ~ This case have amazing material and it’s really thin, you’ll barely notice the difference. Moshi iGlaze20141129-_DSC0070


To complete something else, I bought a new mouse by Steelseries, Sensei (RAW). and I actually find a simple mousepad by Steelseries, unfortunately, the only got the Dota one.

20141129-_DSC0032This desk also where I do most of my photoshoot, I wish I get a larger desk for a more comfortable range for taking photo and to let my arm rest.


With all render and data I have, it’s too much for my laptop to handle. Therefore, I put some of my works and data into two separate hard disk. One of them is only for works and the other one is for my multimedia need ~ However, I need one more 1TB of data … Which I’ll get soon it enough. This great hard disk are by Buffalo Tech


On my channel, you can see most of my works ~ and here what it looks like behind the scenes. and yes, on the screen you can see my newest work which I’m producing right now. For some of you, I think you can guess what song this time I’m making ~ I tried my best to produce the best there is for you guys. and I know, I’m still a long way to go to be able to produce an International level of videos. But I’m learning step-by-step from each one of my videos. There’s someone who commented and asking where I learn to use Adobe After Effects. It was actually when I’m at College and they taught us the very basic to use most of the tools. and the rest of it, I learnt while producing a video. There a lot more to learn (:


My desk have 4 drawers where I can put most of useful stuff and crap into it. I’ll show you one by one, starting from the left ! It’s literally, where I put everything there is on my table temporarily. There are duct tape, scotch tape and my hard disks.


The second drawer is where I put some of my notebooks and audio stuff. I usually use my Audio Technica Street DJ while producing works. It cancel out most of the noise and I can focus for most of the time. and I use a Solid Bass type while I’m out or working out as it give the best bass I have ever hear and canceling most of the noise too. My gym, where I work out always play a weird songs which are not suitable for working out, in my opinion. You can check out their awesome line of audio needs here


These are the notebooks I use to log any ideas and tutorials I seen. I also log my spending, to help me control another spending. The small blue one, I use to write small to-do list for tomorrow or today. I usually do this to make sure I stay on my current goal and deadlines. For logging ideas for my next photoshoot, I use the right one, it’s a type of notebook like a reporter use when they taking notes. The middle one, Evernote Notebook, is for important lesson and points I learnt. These awesome notebooks are made by Moleskine. You might wonder, why I write while there are many options to take notes in this digital era. Personally, I agree with that idea but I love the way where we trying not to totally depend on technology. Plus, writing makes us remember it much better. What do you guys think ?

20141129-_DSC0044The third drawer, is where I put my material to honing my Japanese language. Which, to be honest, have been abandoned for quiet a while. But I’m starting again soon enough when most of my works and other stuff already lined up. This book, Genki, provide an awesome guid to learn Japanese, so far I can find. Do you have any other recommendation for starters ? I’ll look for them ! I want to improve my Japanese as much as possible.


I also get some manga to improve my Japanese while trying to read it. The pictures helped me out a lot on what are they talking :3


To absorb more Japanese with what ever I use. I subscribe to a monthly magazine of this one, G’s Magazine. It compile a lot of trend on Anime, Games, Manga and Figures ! If you like an up-to-date info and wonderful illustration, get this one. I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed.


On my weekends or usual days where it seems overwhelming and small gap to spare for relaxation or learning. I jumped to this Kanji Flashcard to improve even a little part of my Japanese. This flashcards by White Rabbit have a great material where it’s not easily get dirty or ripped when you on rage. XD They provide with a most used kanji on each cards, strokes order and hiragana. Which will help out a lot of starters.

20141129-_DSC0125There are many things to learnt at once, but I love to keep improving and to get my design skills into another level by putting myself into a totally different category that I barely know. Which is HTML and CSS. I always love to do a deep critical thinking on some websites where it can improve on most part to give the best UX as much as possible. Therefore, I tried to learn how to build my website on my own. Honestly, it’s not doing so good XD but I kept trying. This book is made by Jon Duckett. It contains a detail basics code you need to master to build from simple into a more complicated one. This book illustrate most of part with pictures and beautiful example. If you want to try to build your own website, this is a great book to start. The only downside, is it’s not travel-friendly due to the weight.


Last drawer ! It’s where I put most of my snacks and accessories that I bought on a whim. Such as that Monster Hunter Pouch. XD I mostly stock my small snacks on this drawer to allow me not to get up while producing work. I love to not lose my focus by going somewhere just to lose my focus. I know it’s quiet bit lazy on my part. It’s hard for me to focus again if I got interrupted. Do you guys have any ways to improve concentration ? I would love to try it. A big part of me still into a healthy lifestyle for most of the time. Therefore, I stocked up a protein bar just to keep me full for a while. Have you ever try it ? In my opinion, this protein bar, Quest Bar, have the best taste so far. Do you have any alternative ? 

20141129-_DSC0076Following the topic of healthy lifestyle, I recently got this new awesome band by Fitbit. It’s a health fitness tracker to help you track your daily intake, activities and many more. I used to wear Jawbone’ UP but it break downs frequently. Either I use too much force or the build quality does not last long. I do not know, but I think it’s because I use too much force XD Lately, I’ve been out of shape as too many delicious food around me, tempting me to come to them. However, I’ll start a new round where I’ll focus on healthier lifestyle like I used to. Do you also follow a healthy lifestyle ?


 Whenever I got some spare time to just laying around. I play a game. Whether it’s Vita game, PC game or mobile game. My brother introduced me into gaming since I was a little kid. Since that time, I can’t remember a time where I stopped playing completely. Whenever I play a game, the burdened of everyday life, seems can be forgotten even if it’s just for a while. and you can be completely someone else. Which are stronger, smarter and many many things. As you can see, most of my vita games are in Japanese. I forced myself to bought the Japanese version for me to be used to read Japanese and learning while playing. Do you have Vita games ? Do share yours, I want to expand my game library ! and maybe someday we can play together when our time aligned perfectly :D


20141129-_DSC0148Many of you asking which lens I’m using and which camera I use. Currently and since I dive into photography, I’ve been using my lovely companion, Nikon D5000. At first, I’m using my lens kit and then I’m introduced to a beautiful prime lens which is Nikkor 50mm F.1.4. (I blame my friend who introduced me this XD) and after a while, I heard and see the result of other great Prime lens which is 35mm F1.8 ~ I usually use 35mm when traveling, it gave me more coverage on the subject which I feel, is useful. What’s your photography gear ?


Last of all, here is my device I usually use for networking and entertainment. I got both on discounted price ~ I usually use my iPad mini to read news or just laying around on my bed browsing through many things. It also barely have any contents as I bought the smallest memory one. Occasionally, I play Clash of Clans and Samurai Siege but I got bored by it. Do you play those games ? Maybe we should make a guild together ! To read news or what trending I’m using an awesome app called Zite. This app allows you to gather the news that only you want to read from many categories. and it’ll give you news based what your favorite are. The other one, I use Evernote, it helped me out a lot on keeping a notes where I’m not bringing my notebooks. Furthermore, you can access your notes on most platforms.

That’s all for this time Desk Journal. This is my first time to write this long and to show you in depth situation on behind the scenes. I welcome you to share your own workspace with me and I’ll share it on my networks. I also love to discuss many things with you. Do let me know in the comment below, and share this blog post to your friends if you like it too. It helped me out a lot more than you know.


God Eater 2

Hello there, guys ~! I’ve been a while hiatus on figure photography but I’m back for more ! Today, I introduce you to my newest and loveliest Nendoroid, Alisa Illinichina Amiella ! To be honest, I bought this on total accident ~ one day, I decided to open it and shoot some more. It reminded me of how fun it is to do photography again.

Enough chit-chatting for me, enjoy these series of her photos. Hope you like it as much as I do. Next time, I’ll blog about my new workspace I got just recently :3

20141102-_DSC0078 20141102-_DSC0086 20141102-_DSC0092 20141102-_DSC0095 20141102-_DSC0106 20141102-_DSC0112 20141102-_DSC0115 20141102-_DSC0125 20141102-_DSC0142 20141102-_DSC0170 20141102-_DSC0177 20141102-_DSC0184 20141102-_DSC0194 20141102-_DSC0190

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Gone, Gone, Gone

Heya guys ~! It’s me again, back to share my newest production on Kinetic Typography videos. This time it’s by Phillip Phillips. I heard this song first time on The Amazing Spider Man 2. Where he experiencing some down time because his girlfriend left him and he doesn’t know where the hell his parents are. After I saw this movie, I immediately try to find it without any luck but last month I got it ! XD

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Re: Birth Official Photo Book Ready Stocks !

FINALLY ! After some wait, the first batch has arrived at my place and ready to be shipped ! There are a couple of it already launched to their respective owners and I still got 10 more extras ! Have you ordered yours ?


In this book you’ll find several figure photos of mine that will drown you to the world of figure. It chosen based on popularity it got and again, it thanks to you for it. As it’ll not ever been known, if it’s not because of you guys. Thank you for the support for this far


This book consist of 70 FULL COLOR pages of my Figure Photography Collection
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