Crystal of Life

Today is just a simple blog post ~ I found that glass crystal lying around in my house and I decided to take it with me :D Get the room as dark as I can and here it is!_DSC0012 _DSC0030 _DSC0031 _DSC0055


Pistachio Landslide

I’ve been eating a lot of this pistachio before. It was introduced to me by one of my friends in the past. it’s totally delicious. I remember correctly, that I scout in many places at Singapore just for this. I went to store and store just to get a hand on this delicious pistachio!


Attack of Saber

 _DSC0193 _DSC0194 _DSC0199Can you find her ?
_DSC0208 _DSC0210


Cave of Light

Cave of light! I got a lot of scrap around me and I always take some of each and then try to make something out of anything and this is what happened! Can you guess what scrap materials I used ?
_DSC0019 _DSC0031 _DSC0038 _DSC0048 _DSC0065 _DSC0194 _DSC0208


New Participants

I got this a long time ago and the very first time I bought Nendoroids in a big bulk (Well, not that big, only 3 though XD) But I have been wanting these Nendoroids for a very very long time. As you can see, Ikaros! From a hilarious Anime called Sora no Otoshimono. A story about an angeloid is sent down to earth but unfortunately met a pervert owner yet the best Master she ever had.
_DSC0005 _DSC0023 _DSC0045The second Nendoroid, is Saber Class Servant from Fate/Stay Night. I got the very last one on the store, thankfully! and it’s the super moveable version too~! When I bought this Nendoroid, I haven’t even watched the anime. :P_DSC0066 _DSC0102 _DSC0128 The third and final one is Drossel. I was looking for this nendoroid since I saw my friend have it. This nendoroid have their own LED lights attached inside it! Pretty awesome, don’t you think ?_DSC0143 _DSC0164 _DSC0167 _DSC0173